I had an interesting job once…

Looking after vacated industrial buildings.

Preventing squatters from squatting. Eastern European criminals from stealing scrap metal. Junkies pumping their life’s misery / joy (pick one) through a needle into their rotting veins.

We worked in pairs. We slept alternately on dusty mattresses during 24 hour shifts. I made 3.75 Euro an hour before taxes.

But I did not mind, it was just to pay the bills. And we only had to sit around. I had a lot of time to follow my passion at the time. Setting up my first online business (which completely failed, but that is another story) and writing my first book (will be available on this website).

Interesting characters worked there. To say the least…

Some were students or who like me just finished their masters right into a stalling economy. Some did not fit into society. One guy wrote movie reviews. One guy edited a newsletter. One guy taught himself survival skills for when Shit Hits The Fan. Some were gaming all day. Some just slept all day. A couple of them were in a cult and arranged shifts together to perform “rituals”.

A merry bunch.


As you might understand, there was never a shortage of interesting conversations. No one there was into shallow materialistic nonsense and following a beaten path. And everybody had concerns about our modern society.

And most important of all: everybody had their OWN concerns and stories of why the world would fall apart. For one it was global warming (which btw is heavily debated). for the other it was running out of fresh water. The other main concern was the financial system. The other it was white people (I discovered later on facebook, ha!). Pollution. Poverty. Vaccinations. Idols. Inequality.

And then I realized…

Whatever it is that you think is really important is part of YOUR perception. It may not be important for others. It may not be important at all.

Even if you think your cause is the most noble in the world, most people will not give a damn. It might not even be important for yourself 10 years from now. Or when one month from you discover new facts that make you scratch your head and go… “guess I was wrong there”.

As an example, I was really worried those days about the issuing of money with interest. This a very pervasive myth floating around on the internet (Zeitgeist Movement, Mike Malony, not the least). The concern goes as follows. If you issue X amount of money, where does the interest (X + interest) come from. It is actually quite simple. Money turns over and goes from hand to hand. The banker buys bread with the paid back loan and the interest. The baker spends his money at the butcher who has a loan and now can back.

It is NOT a zero sum game.



Perception. Mwuuhahaha.

Your fears and ideals are just part of your perception. A sum of the surroundings you grew up in, the teachers you had, the experiences you.. eh… experienced.

Nobody in Norway worries about overpopulation, pollution or energy shortage.

Nobody in the UK or the Netherlands is worried about running out of fresh water. They worry about to much fresh water (flooding grandmas basement).

Nobody in Abu Dhabi is afraid to run out of oil.

A Jihadist will not just give up his holy quest when he discovers that the explosion of his suicide vest will have to much of a negative impact on his carbon food print.

And 80% of the population does not even contemplate anything significant at all and just watches cat videos on Youtube.


The Best Documentary I Ever Saw

Around the same time I posted on Facebook one of the best documentaries on our current economic system I had seen to date. Very informative. Very well researched.

A friend of mine said it carefully… “maybe people are not really interested in that, it is not why they are on Facebook”.

I looked at my wall. Above my post was a post of a girl who had painted her hair black. Below it a girl who had cut her hair and made it red. Both had and lively “discussion”. Nobody gave a damn about the “Best Documentary On The Financial System To Date”.


“Get To The Point, Will Ya!”

Okay okay. And urge everybody to contribute to making the world a better place.

But nobody likes being woken up on Sunday morning by some smelly nut-case to hear their interpretation of a holy book. If you want to make and impact and do something for the world find an audience or group of like minded people first.

You will be surprised how many are out there. Start with Reddit and Meetups.

I often have seen people frantically supporting a cause, but as only solution have “… has to pay for it”. If that is you, expect things to be very difficult. “Paying” in itself does not solve anything. And as I explained, it is very likely that “…” might not believe in your cause (or in you).

Instead, start a little something and be surprised from where the echos will come.

I hope this will prevent you from being frustrated with the world, and support you when you are fighting for your cause.
You can always come back here and rant a little. Like a dick trusting in infinite directions in space (Louis CK). I might even listen. When I am not reading The Daily Mail:

Woooow… All those celebrities are pouring buckets of ice on themselves. Must… post… video…




I really do not know how I got here.

I wanted this article to be about what I think what will happen to our economy. Might even persuade people to save themselves and find out what it means to become a true global citizen. But I realized…

Nobody gives a damn…