“How To Instantly Kick-Start Your
Awesome New Life As A Tax Free,
Outrageously-Living And Untouchable
Permanent World Traveller.”

Whether you’re a digital nomad already (and need some help reducing taxes and structuring your business)… or just beginning to dream about the lifestyle freedom and Big Bucks of a sizzling free-as-a-bird permanent world traveller…
this is your NEXT STEP in the process.


You may think it is unfair.

But there are people who do not live normal lives.

They gently float around the world in a cloud of mystery. Everywhere they go the doors blast open. They do as they please, they pay no taxes and most certainly don’t have people telling them what to do.

In short, they make their own rules…


I will tell you in a minute.


But first, let me ask you…

  • Have you noticed how there are people in this world that seem to get away with everything? Living a life full of sensational travels while having epic and daring adventures?
  • Would you also want to be able to have unparalleled experiences, sucking in the astonishing beauty of the world like a sack of puppies while safely navigating the rattling chains of society like a tax free outlawed pirate?
  • Would you not want to escape the hell of living a mediocre life. Slaving away, paying tax to a corrupt and out of control government and their big multinational friends who are pampering their sweet sixteen children with the latest I-crap?


Did you answer “YES” to any of these questions?

So did I.

Now you also understand how thrilled I was discovering that there is a solutions to these problems.

Curious how I know this for a fact? Let me tell you a (short) story…


The Playground Of The Rich. Where Nothing Is What It Seems…

First of all, my name is Julius van der Beek, and I am from the Netherlands.

And only three years ago I was struggling to get by.

After years of travelling around the world I was back home. Broke, but with a lot of ambition. I started my own business while working on a part time job looking after windy, vacant buildings on desolate industrial terrains.

It started of promising, but after a few bad decisions my first business adventure crashed and burned, leaving nothing but a smothering hole in the ground — and one ego hurt –. To make matters worse, I received less and less assignments on the job and my bank account was dryer than the Sahara desert.

I knew I had to do something because the situation started to look grim…


Suddenly My World Gets Turned Violently Upside Down!

While having a healthy breakfast on a regular Wednesday, a cool sunny morning in spring, I receive an unexpected call.

It is a mysterious woman.

She introduces herself politely. She turns out to be the most successful writer of books on accountancy in The Netherlands.
I had heard of her before.

Remarkable, via a mutual friend she had gotten her hands on a book I wrote (the one I was desperately trying to sell…).

… And she absolutely loved it!

Before I know it, she takes off like a Lamborghini, enthusiastically brainstorming on how to make it a killer success. Rubbing the sleepiness from my eyes she is catching me completely of guard. But soon I am homed in like a radar guided missile. This is fun!

It turns out we have a lot in common and we spend the entire day (!) on the phone. Especially our outlook on business, economics and society is scarily similar.

She tells me that she has just set up her business in Dubai.

The tax free paradise that is exploding out of the desert like a mystical Arabian fairytale.

It turns out, the organization that had hooked her up with her new corporation is looking for some fresh blood. It is a company that “structures” the financial affairs of the rich and famous.

She thinks I am the right guy and she invites me to come to Dubai to see it for myself.

To make a long story short, two weeks later I am on a paid business trip. Looking at this new and exiting place I decide right on the spot. My life will take an unparalleled drastic turn.

I am moving to Dubai.

Now, I hear you thinking…

What in earth do I have to do with this?


Allow me to explain myself…


Discovering The Rules Of The Wealthy.

Here in Dubai I have encountered a world of wealth.

You see, what I do here is that I help rich people set up their businesses and international bank accounts.

I have gotten a front row seat in the show “How wealthy people organize their life’s”. And I brought a crisping bag of heavenly sweet popcorn (and a note book).

And men, these people seem to orbit the world like a satellite on steroids. Travelling ferociously. Being served like 21st century Sheiks in fancy hotels. Because of their international business structures they pay (almost) no taxes.

But I came to an astonishing conclusion (and this will REALLY interest you).


You see, you probably think that the life I am referring to is only available for the ultra elite. A select group of ancient bloodlines that have been fanatically inbreeding for the past six centuries. The infamous 1%.


Because the people who use tax reducing tactics are NOT all wealthy. A lot of very ordinary people are using them!


But… they do have something in common.

They own international assets. Or they own small to medium sized international businesses. That’s all.


And in today’s world everybody can structure an international business around a profession they passionately love.

And this is especially important for those who make -or want to make- their money by working online.

Digital nomads, international entrepreneurs, international consultants,
writers, translators, on-line trainers, traders. The list is endless!


And yes. When they have an international mind set set you will eventually run into the:

Secrets that have been exploited for decades by master’s level savvy travellers,
who move across the globe unhampered, untaxed and unnoticed.



I have decided that I need to get these tactics out to the world. So that more people can start enjoying the world in all its majestic beauty in peace and freedom and without paying taxes.

These secrets are hidden in plain sight an I am going to reveal them.

I am going to reveal them to YOU…



I thought so!


Now read the following:



How To Start Implementing Killer Tactics
That Secure Your Road To International Epicness

Now let’s be honest with each other…

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*Are you willing to live tax-free?

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