House of refugeThis is just a quick message to inform you on a project that I got involved in.

A project that helps children in need.

It is an orphanage, and it is called the “House of Refuge”.


The first time we went there it was Christmas.

A friend of mine found them online. He wanted to volunteer there so we went to take a look.

It is a house in Quezon city in Manila. It is well run by very dedicated staff. Some of the older girls (16-18) that live there also help out.

The children are very happy there. They have a roof terrace where they play. They even have a basketball ring.

They get to go to school and practise sports.


When we get there the kids are playing. The older ones serve as life boats to keep the younger ones of the floor. They have a lot of fun.

But when you look close some of the kids have a difficult look in their eyes. This is not a surprise since a lot of them have been taken of the street. They have seen and experienced things you are luckily protected from…

We see that there is a lot of maintenance to be done. One of the roofs has been blown away by a storm and the furniture falls apart when you look at it.

These is also a success room. Here we can see pictures of the children that have been adopted and live in the US.

Some have become really successful in sports and school.

So this project is actually improving lives!


When we sit back with the taxi (to the comfort of an apartment with rooftop pool in Makati) we discuss the best way forward.

I urge my friend to do more than just go there an teach English for two weeks. What difference will that make?

It would be good to have a men in the house who gets things done.

I suggest he does a fundraiser like I did in Serbia.

I help him with a text and he sends it to colleagues and friends.

And it turns out to be a great success!


With the money he raises he was able to supply the house with a lot of new furniture.

One kid states that he finally “feels like a rich person” because he has a new closet.

Also, the house gets a new paint job and a lot food and other necessities can be bought.

The final night of him being there we are invited for a party. We watch a movie with penguins and then we eat pizza and doughnuts.

Some of the kids even have prepared a little speech. The bottom line is that they are happy with the help.

After all the planned activities we take pictures and start playing around before long all kids are hanging on my legs and arms while I am twirling like a toll on acid.

As a tradition we also need to eat the balud. This is the famous duck embryo you have to eat raw. It is disgusting.

But it is a fun night.

What is even more fun is that part of the funds are reserved for a trip for the kids outside of the city.

The really have a lucky break. But this organization is fully reliant on donations and are having the difficult job of making ends meet.


Anyway, there are just two things I want to tell you:

1. It is very easy for you to go out there and improve the life of others. We are all busy with our own lives and making ends meet. And that is ok. But it is not a bad thing to try to get something going for someone in need. You will get much more out of this than that money could ever buy (unless you buy a good Cuban cigar). Also, a lot of people are willing to contribute to a just cause. You will be surprised what a simple Facebook post can generate.

Think about it when you post the next selfie (my auto-translator wants to replace that with selfish).


2. If you like the idea of helping out an organization that directly helps and doesn’t have 90 percent of is revenue in “costs” and “overhead”, reach out to them on the following websites to see if you can help. Or drop me a line and I will put you in touch with the right people.


Have a good day.


Not Always A Selfie-Taking Prick