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Why Apply Flag Theory?

Most people never move from the place they were born.

They go to school, follow the norms, choose from the available careers, and pursue a “stable” path. Molding their life into conventional and predictable patterns, remaining among old friends and family who remind them of their limitations and their place.

They accept these are the cards […]

Should You Hide From The Tax-man?

A few weeks ago I received an email.

Someone had been researching his tax situation.

He figured out that he could get out of dodge by directing his salary to a “secure” private bank account. He then would wire it to his personal account back home, pretending that these were just savings.

I told him that he […]

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How To Deal With The EU VAT Digital Products?

A little while ago I got a nasty surprise.

I had bought a digital product online. Some expensive training course.

I had to pay an EXTRA 19% Value Added Tax (VAT – EU VAT Digital Products) to the German government.



But why?

Well, there are new VAT rules in de EU since January 2015 (ok, not so new […]

Tax Free Philippines – Live Tax Free as a Foreigner

When I am writing this I am sitting in an internet cafe. Behind me there is a tourist girl comparing her love life to the 50 shades.

Outside on the terrace there is a family completely dressed up after church. They all look pretty.

Last week I sat down with a Filipino lawyer.

As you would expect, […]

How to Reduce Taxes to Zero Percent as a Digital Nomad

Updated September 2019 with info from my new book.


As international entrepreneur you can reduce taxes to zero %.

That’s right. This can be achieved by anybody, yet nobody seems to understand this (anybody but US citizens, because the United States taxes based on citizenship – but serious savings are possible).

In any case, it is about time someone […]

Where To Pay Taxes?

September 2019: updated with information from my new book.

You might have been wondering where you need to pay taxes when you are an international entrepreneur or a digital nomad.
This article tells you where to look. And how to look.

General Concepts
Tax laws are mostly a domestic affair. Each State has its own taxing rights. If […]

Cut Taxes By Moving Abroad

In 99% of the counties in this world your taxes are based on your place of residency. So if you want to cut taxes, the easiest thing is to… wait for it…

…become a resident of a country where there are no taxes!

For example Dubai.


It is simple. If you move to Dubai, you stop paying taxes. […]

5 Reasons Why I Don’t Pay Taxes

What? I don’t pay taxes?

Everybody needs to pay taxes, right?


How is that possible?! You wonder…

If people would stop paying their fair share the country would fall apart! The roads would crumble and the hospitals would burn to the ground. The schools would bla bla bla…

Well, if you keep reading to find out that this is […]

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