Why Does The Government Waste Money?

Doest the government waste money? After you read this I am sure you will see the world differently.
We start with a Venezuelan friend of mine. Let us call him Juan. A nice guy who plays it cool. He does not reveal his age and likes the ladies.

I know him from salsa.


He lived and worked […]

Are Dutch Pension Funds Being Plundered? (Rhetorical)

Sometimes, your “worst fears” become reality.

Why so dramatic?

Because I feared that European governments are up to plundering pension funds. Funds, that people have been building their entire life for.

But then I discovered that this is already happening. In a very sneaky way.

Keep reading, because this will affect you. And your parents.

But let me tell you the […]

Where The World Is Heading

I am very worried about the world.


Because I have been studying economics and the financial system since the 2008 crash. And the problems that caused that crash have not been solved and have gotten worse.

None of the bankers and politicians have been thrown in jail. None of them have changed their ways.

And now there […]

Your Life In A Spreadsheet

Lets take a bizarre example.

I will study you. I will analyse all available data on you. I will go back the last 5 years. Check all your purchases. Map all your income. Your career and education. Your hobbies. Your social media accounts.
And then I will predict exactly what your life will look like for the […]

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End Of The US Dollar

I had an interesting meeting the other day.

It was with a sales representative from an offshore bank. A nice lady -with freckles- from the tropical island of Mauritius (business hub in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa).

The meeting was very pleasant.

Then she casually said: “we advice clients to not use the […]

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