Volunteer In Cebu & And The Death Of A Hero

Ok, with this message I want to tell you about a GREAT charity: “Volunteer in Cebu” and honour a warm and gentle person that unfortunately left this world in a “heroes death” on Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia.


But first this:

Last month in Cebu I joined what is called a “feeding”. A feeding is when you […]

Help An Orphanage – House Of Refuge

This is just a quick message to inform you on a project that I got involved in.

A project that helps children in need.

It is an orphanage, and it is called the “House of Refuge”.


The first time we went there it was Christmas.

A friend of mine found them online. He wanted to volunteer there so […]

Serbian Flood Aid

On a Monday I fly into Serbia.

You know, just minding my own business in a penthouse I hired via AirBnB overlooking Belgrade from the best part of the city (yay!).

…But this is not a regular Monday…

There is a disaster going on in Serbia.

My host gives me a first hand report on the chaos in the nearby city called Obranovich 70.000 people that is under 3.5 meters of water. Many people have lost everything they own and are in emergency refugee camps. Including some of his friends.

His story grabs me. And I will not sit idle…


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