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Exotic Road Trip Cebu


Let me tell you about the very exotic road trip I went on.

It started when we left Cebu at 5 AM. In a southbound bus.

To Oslob.

In Oslob there is a feeding ground for whale sharks. (this means that they are being fed by “marine biologists”)

So you have about 100% change to get up close […]

Where The World Is Heading

I am very worried about the world.


Because I have been studying economics and the financial system since the 2008 crash. And the problems that caused that crash have not been solved and have gotten worse.

None of the bankers and politicians have been thrown in jail. None of them have changed their ways.

And now there […]

Your Life In A Spreadsheet

Lets take a bizarre example.

I will study you. I will analyse all available data on you. I will go back the last 5 years. Check all your purchases. Map all your income. Your career and education. Your hobbies. Your social media accounts.
And then I will predict exactly what your life will look like for the […]

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End Of The US Dollar

I had an interesting meeting the other day.

It was with a sales representative from an offshore bank. A nice lady -with freckles- from the tropical island of Mauritius (business hub in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa).

The meeting was very pleasant.

Then she casually said: “we advice clients to not use the […]

El Mirador Guatemala, The Lost Maya City In The Jungle

El Mirador Guatemala. A lost city that has been hidden for centuries underneath the vast jungle that covers north of Guatemala near the border with Mexico. The existence of this temple was forgotten by the modern world until the 80’s.

Since then, a number of excavations have been done. But the isolated location, difficult access […]

Being Arrested For Love And Other Interesting Facts Cuba.

Aaah Cuba…

The land of music and dance. Old cars and romantic colonial buildings. Rum, cigars and hot mamacitas. Surely the perfect travel destination, right?

I am here to tell you a different story.

I will tell you how a girl got put in prison for simply dating me.

…That’s not all…

Keep reading…

It started of so well…
I went […]

Nobody Gives A Damn About What You Have To Say

I had an interesting job once…

Looking after vacated industrial buildings.

Preventing squatters from squatting. Eastern European criminals from stealing scrap metal. Junkies pumping their life’s misery / joy (pick one) through a needle into their rotting veins.

We worked in pairs. We slept alternately on dusty mattresses during 24 hour shifts. I made 3.75 Euro an […]

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Yemen Camel Trek On Socotra

The Yemen Camel Trek I made on Socotra was one of the best things I ever did…

You see, I had never even heard of the place. Until I read one of those overviews along the lines of “the ten weirdest places on earth”. Living in Dubai at that moment, I figured, this is the […]

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How to Reduce Taxes to Zero Percent as a Digital Nomad

Updated September 2019 with info from my new book.


As international entrepreneur you can reduce taxes to zero %.

That’s right. This can be achieved by anybody, yet nobody seems to understand this (anybody but US citizens, because the United States taxes based on citizenship – but serious savings are possible).

In any case, it is about time someone […]

7 Reasons To Set Up A Company

If you want to got become a serious international professional, you need to set up a company. More specifically, a legal entity.

Why? I will give you a couple of reasons.But first let’s briefly discuss what a legal entity is…

A legal entity is effectively recognized as a person under the law. It can engage in […]

New Release!

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