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7 Reasons To Set Up A Company

If you want to got become a serious international professional, you need to set up a company. More specifically, a legal entity.

Why? I will give you a couple of reasons.But first let’s briefly discuss what a legal entity is…

A legal entity is effectively recognized as a person under the law. It can engage in […]

How To Open An International Bank Account

Every international entrepreneur needs to open international bank account. The opening of such bank accounts has, unfortunately, become more and more cumbersome in the last couple of years.

Why this is, I will discuss in later postings. What is important for now is that you understand the process and requirements of opening a bank account before […]

Where To Pay Taxes?

September 2019: updated with information from my new book.

You might have been wondering where you need to pay taxes when you are an international entrepreneur or a digital nomad.
This article tells you where to look. And how to look.

General Concepts
Tax laws are mostly a domestic affair. Each State has its own taxing rights. If […]

Cut Taxes By Moving Abroad

In 99% of the counties in this world your taxes are based on your place of residency. So if you want to cut taxes, the easiest thing is to… wait for it…

…become a resident of a country where there are no taxes!

For example Dubai.


It is simple. If you move to Dubai, you stop paying taxes. […]

Difference Residency And Citizenship

You know…

If you want to ride on the international living fast-lane I can not think of more essential knowledge than the concepts of residency and citizen ship. Master this, and its benefits soon will merge themselves into a river of possibilities.

Yet I have come across high paid tax advisers who could not tell the […]

OECD Anti Money Laundering Policy – Excuse For Data Collection

Last week I had a major realization…

…You see, I was reading the OECD Anti Money Laundering reports (someone actually reads those?).

Now for those who do not know,  The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an organization with a mission to “promote policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around […]

The only Five-Star book on Digital Nomad Taxes

The only book explaining exactly how Digital Nomads and International Entrepreneurs can become tax-free.