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7 Things To Understand About Offshore Agents

I recently started working for a Cyprus based offshore agent.

I am helping them with marketing offshore companies online. And when I did my research, I spotted something.

In Google Advertising I saw who ranked at the nr. 1 position. One of our competitors.

Their ad claimed: Cyprus – Anonymous and Confidential.


People who read last weeks article […]

Should You Hide From The Tax-man In 2017?

A few weeks ago I received an email.

Someone had been researching his tax situation.

He figured out that he could get out of dodge by directing his salary to a secure private bank account. He then would wire it to his personal account back home, pretending that these were just savings.

I told him that he […]

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How To Stay 100% Legal

People often tell me this:

Whatever we do, “it has to be 100% legal.”

In the same email they often express a fear of “skirting the law.”


I assume a number of things when people mention this:

They are afraid of the government. I think most of us are in some way.
Pretty remarkable when you realize we […]

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Who Is Speaking The Truth?

I was talking to a client last week from Argentina.

In a nutshell: he wants out.

Taxes and regulations are insane.

Decades of Socialism have made it very difficult to do business.

He even has to bribe local government employees to prevent them coming in and “finding something.”

Like so many Argentinians, he already has a second home in […]

Reddit Racist

“Wow, what an entitled, racist, and pathetic human being you are.”


This is what someone wrote on Reddit as a response to a blog-post I wrote about my life as a digital nomad in Chiang Mai.


I am not sure why I am all of that.

I would bet serious money that if they lined up all […]

Living In Chiang Mai As A Digital (Tax) Nomad


The capital of remote workers. The empire of digital nomad-ism.
After spending some time here in 2008, it was no surprise I would end up here at one point.

Life in Chiang Mai as a digital nomad is easy going.


I wake up every morning whenever I feel like it.┬áNo alarm bells for me. It is about 11 […]

I Give Away This Ebook Because I Couldn’t Sell It

Let me tell you about my biggest failure ever.

Sure, you can laugh. But this has been so embarrassing for me that I never dared to talk about it for a long time.

I literally told this to only one or two people before writing this email.


Where is this about?

A long time ago, in 1873, I […]

How To Invest Your Money In 2016

More and more people ask me what they should do with their money. How to invest. How to save.

Since we as digital nomads sort of live alongside society we often do not enrol in mandatory pension schemes (which I think is a blessing, but that is for some other day).

Let me first of all […]

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How To Stay Healthy As A Digital Nomad

I have a large family.

And one spring holiday (a long time ago), we all went to a bungalow park (a typical Dutch thing to do).

My grandfather went along. As did uncle Wout. Uncle Wout is my grandfather’s best friend from childhood. Both were about 70 at that time. They married two sisters. My grandma […]

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MGTOW – Why Men Give Up…

During my first journey around the world -when I was still young and innocent- I visited the North East of Brazil.

Fortaleza, to be precise.

The place looks like a dump, but when you know where to go, it is a GREAT place for night life. Especially in the Brazilian “winter” when Brazilians search sunshine there.

A […]

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New Release!

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